Visual Wayfinding in Contracts

VisualContractIndexMost consumer services and standardized B2B transactions come with an unpleasant side-effect: some form of fine print, a large set of unattractive terms and conditions.

Let’s assume the content of the contract is strong, indispensable, and written in plain language. It seems like the legal components of the deal have slipped by the marketing and communications departments, or missed the packaging station at the assembly line. So what we usually get is fancy packaging and catching copywriting on every element of the product or service, but a medieval document with the legal essence of the deal. Wouldn’t there be a better way to respect the information processing habits of users as well as lawyers?

I proudly present my ‘packaging’ solution, displaying user’s logic instead of lawyer’s logic : a multi-layered interface, a visual entry point, and signage in the form of a set of icons. The icons link to keywords and to the full legal text. Dowload the flyer from for more information.

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