Legal gift wrap

inpakpapierFestive moments in life call  for celebration and gifts. Big moments in life usually involve some sort of commitment. To a new partner.  A new baby. A new job. A new house. A new car. A new loan. A new invention. A new business.

The intention of wonderful bliss and success. Infinite trust in the gods. Most of all: unwavering knowing that some invisible legal system has worked out the details. And the legal net will gracefully catch you if you fall, bouncy but safe. As long as you don’t have to READ it. IT? Yes, the fine print of this life event.

Dear lawyers, here is your chance to have fun with the very annoying practical lawyer-side of you. The game-breaker. The party-buster. The other side of the coin. Beyond the surface. Reality bites. Wave the warning flags. Play it serious!

Legal gift wrap. Legal infographics on one side of the paper. A print of real rules on the festive occasion. On the other side a decorative gift wrap pattern of matching icons.

Use the Dutch version for a new baby – designed as a promotional item for Legal Visuals. You can send me an email to receive a PDF in new-business theme, or a new job theme, or to get information on a custom design. Or make your own, I would love to see a copy.

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