Royal treatment for legal clients + Free gift: bookmark


Creative visualization or writing exercise for lawyers

Imagine your clients and readers to be a very special guest in your  ideal workspace. Pretend you are a not only a top-lawyer, but a really good host as well: energizing, joyful, interested and dedicated to creating an excellent get-together.

Offer your best chair. The royal one. Serve an exquisite glass of wine or fine cup of green tea. Be perfectionist about the perfect light/ temperature/ sound for the occasion. Smile. Relax. Set your intention to serving this client with your highest level of knowledge, skills and creativity. Aspire to connect all this to the best possible outcome for this client and your sense of well-being in your work.

Allow your guest to settle in, take some time for silence. See your client as a beautiful human being. Here is your opportunity to serve, practice and master your professional passion. Now invite your client to share her story, her concern, her questions. Listen. Hum along. And listen a little more. Breathe. Thank your client for sharing the story. Give a short summary to make sure that you have heard the essence of her concerns. Pull out your bookmark as a reminder. Focus on questions as ‘What does she need to know?’. What does she need to do?’. Allow your legal knowledge, intuition and the genius of silence to collaborate on finding the perfect words.

Now serve your opinion, advice or analysis in a clear, brief and practical manner on a fuzzy velvet purple pillow.
The golden key.
Less words, more insight.
Help your client in her coat.
Offer further guidance  if necessary.

I know … sounds too good to be true? I wish I had come up with this idea when I was a practicing attorney and corporate lawyer. I wish I would have had the awareness, courage and self-mastery to do this. In real life or in imaginary thinking. Quite the contrary. But … it’s never too late. Even when the ‘Mother of your Brother-in-law tells you about her Dreadful Legal Issue on a Birthday Party of your Little Nephew’ you could still give it a try. Or your Biggest Demanding Pushing Rushed Powerful Corporate Client. Play with it. You might have some fun. You might practice some really good listening skills. You might find unique solutions. You might get so into it, that you are transforming into a highly attractive lawyer/consultant. At least you are chipping in some Good Mood Law charm in the commonly perceived reality of the muddy legal puddle.

Now, take a break and sit back in this royal chair yourself. Law is good. Life is good.

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