GoodmoodlawyersThe pinstriped, high-heeled charisma of law is unbeatable. Lawyers look good in their professional attire and clients buy generously into it. (Yes, they used to – my guess is that they will do so again – they like to look in the mirror of crisp success – and the DIY toolkits are a great recipe for badmoodlaw) .Tv stations spice it up with some interesting accessories, far beyond the billable hour. The look makes you feel really good, really professional, just perfectly in control. And those Italian pointy-nose shoes simply change an average male creature into someone to seriously pay attention to.

Maybe it’s just me, but considering the soaring market of blogs and coaches for unhappy lawyers, there are some of us dreaming of the dress down. The Pajama Day, the Doodle Day, the Bad Hair day. The ‘We pay your for your genious legal mind and we love you …. just the way you are’- Day.

Softies, right brain thinkers, women, intuitives and idealists somehow are mixed in the legal tribe. You don’t recognize them at first sight. They cover up nicely, think quite sharp and save their liberal ambitions for future purposes. It works, it may work, for a while. But … mellow is who you are.  If it starts to bother you, and the big leap isn’t quite your thing yet …. and you already tried a job in the social justice realm or insurance business, here is my alternative.

Create a GoodMoodLawyer. Draw. Paint, Glue, PlayDoh, Woodwork, Sew, Dream, Embroider, Compose, Dance. Write. Make one for your manager, your paralegal, your best friend in the firm. Or just for yourself and hide him or her in your drawer or suitcase. Treat him/her well and good mood will be on your side.

The other side of the aisle is home to the hardwired left brain, clean, clear, low temperature, just plain natural born lawyers. Really? Maybe they could use a little softening up, too. If it wouldn’t be voluntarily, maybe for the long term health benefits of stress relief and brain chemicals related to some sort of affectionate experience.

And if it’s not your dream, think about your clients, co-workers, friends and family members. How would they feel about meeting the goodmoodlawyer in you? Be inspired to think about the set of strengths, competencies of a skillful, professional, energizing Goodmoodlawyer.

Are there any other fuzzy stuffed lawyer creations out there? Posting your pictures would be a courageous and compassionate act of support for your peers .. and for the other side of law!

Book tip:

The creative lawyer – Michael Melcher


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