Vendor Power – Visual support for street vendor regulations NYC

Please take a look at this project VENDOR POWER of The Center for Urban Pedagogy in New York City, and designed by CANDY CHANG.

This project shows a unique combination of ingredients:

  • An inviting overall look-and-feel
  • High quality communication: the messages are guided by the content, by the interests of the stakeholders and by the target audience.
  • In depth study and representation of the essential information. For example on the allowed sizing of a vendor’s table.
  • Real legal information: not just the topic, the headline or information on resources or reference contacts.
    ” If you follow the rules, you have the RIGHT to vend on a public sidewalk. ”
    “Policy can’t make you move, unless there’s an emergency or there is a big event. “
  • Legal information placed in its context: Street vendors as an iconic part of the urban appeal of New York City . Street vendors as real people, by combining the different types of vendors with short stories. Advocacy to make the street vendor laws work better for different stakeholders.
  • A clean and userfriendly lay-out and poster format.
  • The artwork is simple, but not too simple. Strong lines, but also recognizable people. (see page 1)
  • Icons that are both fresh and understandable: see the icon for the big event-exception. (see page 2, left lower corner)

Very effective and absolutely deserves ‘goodmoodlaw’-honors.

Goodmoodlaw will closely follow the work of Candy Chang. She is a TED Fellow of 2009 and has created more impressive legal information projects and tools.

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