A painted privacy policy

One of the small surprises as an expat in the USA was my first doctor’s visit. Almost every detail of the procedure and routine is slightly different. The paperwork however is the BIG difference. The trick is  to sign to agree with a privacy policy that I may or may not actually get in my hand. This ‘acceptance of our privacy policy’ sheet is a standard sheet between all the other sheets of paper on the clipboard, that I have to fill out and sign with a quasi cheerful pen with taped-on toothbrush or paper flower.

Like everyone I just scribble and sign it. But … the big question is:

WHY do they not show any effort to show me a readible, inviting, clear policy. WHY is this not on a wall poster, next to the flu shot posters, wash your hands posters and other Doctors for Dummies messages.

So I crafted a new version.

It is a fabric book with the highlights of the standard policies, stitched on a canvas and painted with acrylics. You can touch it, flip through it, ask the ladies behind the desk (in colorful Pajamas – another cultural uniqueness) for more information. You will get a colorful and quick idea of the do’s and don’ts with your personal medical  information.

And for your peace of mind:  some things in the Dutch health care system are quite funny and unpractical as well.  Bottom line – I love my doctors and their staff. I celebrate the health of my family. It is the packaging of their work that could use a touch up.

The original mixed media artwork is still for sale. Orders for commissioned pieces for medical offices are welcome too.

The reproduction is for sale as a printed ArtZine or an e-book. Buy here.



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