Illuminated Law – Ketubah inspired legal paintings

Calligraphy and classic illuminations combined with legal documents. I came across this beautiful old-age example of GoodMoodLaw through an exhibition on Ketubah,  illustrated Jewish wedding certificates.  What a great way for people to express how much they care about their agreements!  A contract like this simply can’t be stored in a box. It is an invitation to look at it over and over again, and a friendly reminder of the commitments. What if we would treat our laws and contracts in a similar way?

I played with this idea and painted several formal and informal laws. This one is about one of my favorite laws, from the Open Space Technology principles for meeting facilitation.


A shopping bag painting about the Colorado Gift Card Bill ~ Form follows content.


A Triptych about the United Nations Resolution on the Human Right to Safe Drinking Water – a visual summary of the major provisions of the resolution.

Are you interested in buying the original artwork or a reproduction? Please contact me for more information  –

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