Natural Health – Brown Bag Disclosure Statement

Created for my healing arts practice: a visual version of the mandatory disclosure statement for alternative and complementary health care practitioners in Colorado. The purpose of the Natural Health Consumer Protection Act, Colorado Senate Bill 13-2015,  is to give clients freedom to choose alternative healing modalities to support their health and well-being and provide practitioners a way to share their work and make a living without the need to have a license or formal registration.


The law describes which practitioners and practices qualify for the exemption of  a license, and under which conditions. One condition is to provide clients with a written disclosure statement before treatment. The law prescribes the content of the disclosure statement.

Instead of giving my clients the typical ‘medical’ paperwork , I wanted to create something that honors the intention of the law: to be transparent about the nature of the work and the regulatory framework. Instead of just giving them a standard piece of paper, and asking them to sign it at the bottom on the spot marked with a cross, I invite a few minutes of attention and conversation to explain them the statement and the essence of the agreement. Instead of just reducing the signature to a meaningless formality, I want to take my disclosure responsibility seriously and to allow my client to make an informed decision. At that point their signature has real value: awareness and agreement.

Some notes on the design: I chose hand lettering on brown bag paper to emphasize the personal relationship, the organic nature of the services I provide, and to give it a “Whole foods” look-and-feel. When I hand this document to clients and actually go over with them, they look surprised, they like the creative form, they are willing to give the documents a few minutes of attention, and after concluding with a signature we both start the session with a sense of openness and trust. The legal piece of the agreement is not perceived as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to build the relationship.

I created the document as a template, so other practitioners can use it as well by adding their personal information.  A small toolkit will be available soon via this website.


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