Justitch Report

An embroidered impression of  news items on justice and injustice that I collected in December 2014. I started with a rough sketch of the lay-out and free-hand embroidered the report for the next four months.

It was a way to truly pay attention to the news and to stay with the rights and values that are at stake long after the news cycle had moved. It was a practice of bearing witness to the significance of each event for the people involved and for our collective responsibility to pay attention when  justice is at risk, one stitch at a time.

Justitch Report

Justitch Report

The events that I included in the report are:

• The Nigerian girls that have been kidnapped from their boarding school by a terrorist organization. #BringBackourGirls

• The children at their schools from a massacre attack by Taliban fighters in Pakistan.

• A reference to the protests that were sparked by the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the activism to call attention to systemic violence and injustice in the interactions between black citizens and police officers.  #BlackLivesMatters

• The reports on enhanced interrogation techniques used by the CIA during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. #CIA #Torture

• The new dialogue and re-establishing of diplomatic relationships between the United States and Cuba.

• The strain on free speech surrounding the release of the Sony movie “The Interview” after  pressure, attributed to North Korea, on theaters to hold off showing the film.


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